As Sarah Would Write | invitation | 13 &14 June 2022

As Sarah Would Write | invitation | 13 &14 June 2022


Since last year, the coalition has made various conversations as part of the significant changes we are undergoing as a coalition. These conversations are related to moving and working from outside the Middle East and North Africa. We have been reflecting on our work, the environment we incubate, and the feminist movements that we like to be part of and support.

One of those issues is the absence of a permanent, direct, and open dialogue with individuals from the queer and LGBTQA+ communities. Based on this, the WHRDMENA Coalition started a sincere conversation with some friends. We hope to learn from them how to keep cooperation, dialogue, and the queer presence in the coalition continued, and at the same time, how to raise queer voices and  hold space for LGBTQA+ individuals

The WHRDMENA Coalition and Sarah’s comrades will commemorate the second anniversary of her absence from our world and not our heart by encouraging an interaction that extends over two days: 13, and 14 June 2022,  under the title “As Sarah Hijazi would write, we do.,” Her friends and companions designed the following text as an invitation:

“We came to know Sarah Hegazy as a courageous and honest advocate for issues of social justice, women’s rights, and the LGTBQA+ communities. But we also knew her as a loyal and generous friend. We knew her as a sweetheart full of love and flirts!

Some of us were lucky enough to receive her Letters and what beautiful love letters Sarah wrote to her friends and her family about her dreams. Love and the right to love is Sarah’s favorite dream. We invite all her loved ones to an electronic, written interaction (June 13 and 14) dedicated to Sarah. Let’s write to Sarah about Sarah. Let’s write like we’re Sarah. It does not matter to whom we send our messages. As long as the message’s title is love, then our messages will inevitably reach Sarah.

Texts, poetry, tweets, audio, video, drawing, and design can be shared with the WHRDMENA coalition through the form and to be published on June 13 and 14, 2022. They will be republished in Sarah’s love and greetings to lesbians, queers, and trans people in our region.