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From  the founding bylaws 2015-

Since the coalition’s chie aim is to defend human rights, and especially women’s, or the coalition, heir work, and their activism, without any discrimination or prioritization f one work or activism at the expense of another.

All coalition members reject racism, misogyny (or sexism), sectarianism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism, both internal and societal. We are also aware that we have been raised to distrust the “other”. Therefore, and in addition to our commitment to providing safe spaces, we take responsibility for containing the internal “other” in our lives. We are also committed to healing and to using this method as a learning tool. We take responsibility for everything we say, write, express, and do amongst each other.

The coalition members believe that healing from patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny starts from within, and from self-care to be the basis for any good work. Hence, we consider emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing an integral part of our activities, whereby we create tools and spaces for self-care as acts of public value and benefit.

The coalition members commit to work on spreading the values and morals upon which the coalition in their countries is based, and the organizations and individual members commit to facilitate the arrival of the other local organizations in their countries to the coalition, in case they are eligible for membership.