Transitions and Change in Leadership | ANNOUNCEMENT

Transitions and Change in Leadership | ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE WHRDMENA Coalition!


Transitions and Change in Leadership!


Since 2015, the WHRDMENA Coalition has worked towards creating and sustaining a regional body to lift and support WHRDs in different MENA contexts. We wanted to support WHRDs as they faced an avalanche of states-lead anti-rights efforts in our MENA region. In the past years, we weaved a network of feminist activists and brought together feminist movements despite borders, challenges, and the pandemic.

Since our establishment, we have continuously worked to provide intersecting space and create bridges against all efforts to isolate WHRDs. We used connectedness to protect against the crackdown on our movements. As we grew in numbers and experiences, we attempted to work on our organizational health. We had great success in taking care of ourselves at times. Sometimes, we had to accept hard truths and try to do better. The transition from Beirut to Madrid reminded us that healthy communities and functional movements are crucial to overcoming any challenge. Our organizations require continuous and intentional work on our structures and systems. At the same time, it’s the work we do for the well-being of the people of our movements that yields change.

With great sadness and deep gratitude, we announce that Sara Abou Ghazal has decided to step down from her position after 7 years of serving as our Executive director. The  WHRDMENA  Coalition appreciates all the tremendous efforts that Sara spent to institutionalize and energize the Coalition in support of WHRDs in the region.

Sara’s work, dedication, and vision for what the Coalition could be and could offer to the defenders in the region; her ability to strengthen solidarity among the defenders in the same country and across the region despite all the efforts to divide and weaken; her innovative programming to build capacity and empower defenders; her empowerment and cooperation with the Coalition team and its board of directors to institutionalize the Coalition and ensure its continuity; and her diligent, collaborative, responsible, and thoughtful preparation and planning for this transition; All of this is visible and tangible in the infrastructure, the individuals, and the organizations that constitute this Coalition and for all that, we are deeply grateful and assured that the transition will certainly lead the coalition into its next phase. And for all that, Sara AG will remain as part of the board of the WHRDMENA Coalition and collaborate with other board members to see a successful transition through and the creation of new leadership.

The WHRDMENA Coalition will soon announce the process to select and hire our new leadership among other positions, we will also be launching a call for resource people, allies, and sister organizations to lean on as we go through this transformation. Will you answer our call?


Board of Directors,