Learning Circle: Conversations about Economic Collapse

Thursday, 13 April 2023, 5 pm and/or 8 pm GMT+2

Conversational CIRLCE about the big “falling apart”: As the domino effect of economic crises continues to move in our North African and West Asian countries and regions, feminists and WHRDs are experiencing a new reality where more challenges and threats intersect.

The WHRDMENA team would like to invite feminists, WHRDs and activists from our regions currently experiencing and/or thinking about organizing during an “economic crisis” for a get together meeting online (for now) to think, reflect and talk about the effects and causes of economic failure on us, on our communities and movements, and to look into this from a feminist economic point of view, to learn and share skills or ideas on surviving this and taking care of ourselves, and by extension our movements.

We think it is important for the WHRDMENA to hold space for such discussions, and so we will, bearing in mind that we have a need to hold these discussions and explore the narratives behind it.

ARE YOU interested? Well, sign up and we will share with you more details!