The Status of Women Human Rights Defenders in Libya

This research paper aims to highlight the situation of WHRDs in Libya as it looks in depth into elaborating the Libyan WHRDs struggle and fight to enter the political landscape despite the socio-cultural and political instability, along with the domination of available platforms by nationalistic and patriarchal discourses which leaves WHRDs no space whatsoever.  The paper provides cases in which violent attacks took place against WHRDs by the State apparatus and non-state actors which proves the lack of national protection policy and vulnerability of Libyan WHRDs. Taking this into account, the Coalition believes that the lost lives of Libyan WHRDs is severe, and they must be protected and defended. Therefore, the coalition aims to work in solidarity with WHRDs to support them by highlighting their efforts and shedding light on the violations against them, in line with its mission of supporting and advocating for all WHRDs in the region

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