Advocacy Consultant

Advocacy Consultant

About WHRDMENA Coalition:

WHRDMENA Coalition is a membership-based coalition of organizations and women human rights defenders engaging with and defending a spectrum of rights and struggles in MENA. The Coalition works through different tracks such as advocacy, digital security, documentation, knowledge production and dissemination in order to highlight and amplify the work of Women Human Rights Defenders in MENA. 

About the position:

WHRDMENA Coalition is looking for a part-time advocacy consultant to support in setting an advocacy strategy and recommendations in accordance with the Coalition’s strategic plan. 

Tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Consulting with the Coalition’s members on the current advocacy priorities and challenges faced by them, analyzing and reporting on the situation in order to develop strategic advocacy plans based on needs and priorities. 
  • Drafting a suggested strategy or a guide that is regions specific with and for members.
  • Analyzing the gaps in previous and current advocacy plans and assisting in overcoming such challenges. Using analysis deduced/ obtained from the notes taken from meetings with members in order to set a strategy. The strategy must include a concrete set of implementable recommendations for the Coalition to roll out at the earliest, including advocacy work at international, regional and national levels. 
  • Planning an advocacy timeline in which the Coalition can prepare to participate in beforehand (CSW, HRC, etc…). The timeline must include potential advocacy opportunities, including governmental ones (Canada, Norway’s consultations, etc…) that can be of need to the Coalition members. 
  • Identifying key advocacy events and forum through which the Coalition can engage effectively 
  • Supporting with establishing feminist advocacy and submission guidelines or tutorials that all members can benefit from. Establishing feminist advocacy guidelines must be contextualized and in accordance with members’ suggestions and recommendations. 
  • Supporting the establishment of an Advocacy Working group in the Coalition in terms of providing guidance of how the group should proceed with what have been set as advocacy priorities. 
  • Represent the Coalition in International Events 
  • Ensuring that up-to-date knowledge resources regarding advocacy and current feminist thinking on advocacy are readily available to all members of the Coalition. 
  • Supporting in writing pieces, research and reports related to advocacy. 
  • Working with members, partners and networks that the Coalition is part of on developing, designing and managing advocacy and policy projects focused on WHRDs such as the 2013 resolution and other ongoing themes. 
  • Developing flexible advocacy plans or steps for crisis situations. 

The candidate must have:

  • 5-7 year of experience and skills in advocacy related to feminism, women’s rights, gender equality in MENA context and is familiar with the 2013 WHRD resolution.
  • Masters or equivalent in Experience in the fields of Human Rights, International Law, Women’s studies,  or Gender studies. 
  • An interdisciplinary approach to advocacy that includes documentation, knowledge production and dissemination, and campaigning that are based in feminist analysis. 
  • Experience of engaging with UN human rights mechanisms, key bilateral agencies, and other key influential advocacy targets.
  • Research skills that include developing policy briefs and position papers.
  • Excellent understanding of the MENA context including its civil society situation and  has a good connection with local and regional NGOs in the region. 
  • Ability to manage work remotely, self motivated, organised and committed to feminism.
  • Adherence to the Coalition’s values and protocols. 
  • Arabic, English are must, French and/or Spanish are a plus
  • Ability to travel if needed/ if available. 

This consultancy is based on Number of Days, we expect a total of 40 days of work. 

Please send CV and a Letter explaining why you would be prefect for WHRDMENA Coalition to in an email titled ‘Advocacy Consultant’.