Alert: Assassination of Libyan lawyer Hanan Al-Barasi

Libyan lawyer, Hanan Al-Barasi was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Benghazi, one day after announcing her firm intention to publish a video regarding Saddam Haftar’s corruption. In a press statement, Amnesty stated that Al-Barasi, along with her daughter,  had received numerous death prior to the assassination. 

Hanan Al-Barasi is known for her defense of human rights, as well as for her documentation of the involvement of armed groups in perpetuating sexual violence against women in Benghazi, as well as exposing corruption and financial fraud cases.

WHRDs in Libya continue to work in dangerous and violent contexts. The assassination of Hanan Al-Barassi comes a year and a half after the disappearance of Representative Siham Sergiwa, who was kidnapped by an armed group in Benghazi and has not been found since then.