Political Solidarity & Feminist Teach-ins: Palestinian Voices and Feminist Resistance Registration Form

In response to the urgency of this moment, join us for this Feminist Teach-In series curated by Purposeful, AWID, WHRDMENA, and the Palestinian Feminist Collective with activist scholars from across Occupied Palestine. These interlocking conversations centre feminist indigenous perspectives and community approaches based on lived realities and collective organising. All with the intention of unpacking the reality of what’s happening, and how we can meaningfully and urgently contribute to counter-narrative and political solidarity.

Join for all or as many as you can of these three short sessions, and we urge you to share with others to do the same. Sessions will be in Arabic and English, with live language interpretation in French and Spanish, Sign Language Interpretation, and real-time closed captions.

These events will be moderated, and we envision this as a safe space for Palestinian activists and individuals to share their expertise and lived experiences.

31 October 

Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm UTC

Genocide and Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza and across Historic Palestine: what are young feminist activists telling us?

Beginning with a 1:1 conversation ‘Are Children Caught at the Crossfire?’, this session will move to a discussion centred on the recurrent realities in the West Bank, occupied 48, Naqab, and Jerusalem, what a broader violence campaign looks like and how activists are managing backlashes and threats.

2 November

Time: 2:00 – 3:30pm UTC

Grassroots Movement Approaches to Political Solidarity: countering militarism, digital surveillance and war crimes.

In a grassroots and liberatory approach to countering militarism, digital surveillance and war crimes, activist speakers share what BDS looks like in Palestine and across the Global South.

6 November

Time: 2:00 – 3:30pm

Collective Memory and Indigenous Narratives amid Erasure and Colonial Violence

Join this conversation that draws activist scholars together in documentation, storytelling as resistance and emancipation, intergenerational trauma recovery, and what a revolutionary love ethic looks like both as feminist resistance and as practice of freedom.

In solidarity, Purposeful, AWID, WHRDMENA and The Palestinian Feminist Collective