More Than Solidarity: A feminist conversation on connecting the struggles in Sudan & Palestine

An online panel discussion hosted by The Regional Coalition of Women Human Rights Defenders in South West Asia and North Africa (WHRDMENA)  that will bring together Sudanese and Palestinian feminists to discuss the similarities and direct links between their respective struggles under the title “More than solidarity: A feminist conversation on connecting the struggles in Sudan and Palestine”. 

While disproportionately impacted by the conflicts, feminists and WHRDs are at the frontline of defending their communities and providing humanitarian support. Starting from the premise that as anticolonial feminists none of us live single-issue lives or articulate our politics through a single cause, the intention behind this panel is to unpack the global systems of hierarchy that link struggles in Palestine and Sudan. The panel should point to a politics of joint mobilization and common strategies of action based in the experience of Palestinian and Sudanese feminist activists and WHRDs.

This conversation is envisioned as the debut of a series we call “Connecting the Dots” in Arabic “تشبيكات” which will be a series of gatherings that bring feminists from SWANA and beyond together to explore the structural and historical links between their struggles and contexts and articulate strategies for action and joint mobilization, moving beyond hierarchies of oppression and the dominant politics of political visibility. More broadly, this series asks what can cross-issue and cross-border mobilization look like. What practices of solidarity can we commit to? Who benefits when we fail to connect the dots between our struggles?  And how do we act as a wider collective while continuing to center the specificity of local contexts? Ultimately How can a SWANA-based feminist analysis reveal new ways to fight patriarchy, militarization, extractive economics, and ethnostatist violence? 

The date has been corrected to Tuesday, 23 January 2024, 6 to 8 pm Palestine time.

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