Nazra Closes its Office, Continues its Work

Following North Cairo Court of First Instance’s ruling to freeze both feminist & WHRD Mozn Hassan- the founder and executive director of “Nazra for Feminist Studies” & “Nazra for Studies” company and Nazra for Feminist Studies- assets, in which the Judge, in the case #173, knows as the case of “foreign funding for organizations” considered the first precendent where the funds of a women’s organization are held, Nazra won’t be able to hold on their main officer, and workspace, any longer. However, Nazra promises to continue providing its services and activities, as well as feminist knowledge production.

The Regional Alliance for Women Human Rights Defenders in the Middle East and North Africa supports and supports “a look at feminist studies”. Human rights defenders at the Kefar Feminist Studies Foundation also stress their determination to work. We reject the Egyptian authorities’ attempt to close civil society spaces with women human rights defenders. Egypt, which inevitably affects women human rights defenders in the region.

The Regional Coalition for Women Human Rights Defenders in MENA supports and stands in solidarity with Nazra for Feminist Studies. The Coalition salutes their determination on continuing their work despite all challenges facing their sustainability due to case #173. We reject the Egyptian authorities’ attempt to shrink down civil society spaces and close spaces available for WHRDs in Egypt, which inevitably affects WHRDs in the region. The Coalition is indebted to Nazra’s initiative in 2013, in which more than 40 WHRDs have agreed to establish the Coalition. Nazra has give times, effort and energy to support dozens of WHRDs in the MENA along with providing them with protection through various international and national means. Nazra’s work has helped in the formations of a collective feminist awareness in the region, capable of placing feminist demands on national and regional agendas.