End administrative detention against Palestinian women prisoners!

End administrative detention against Palestinian women prisoners!

To end administrative detention against Palestinian women prisoners

In view of the inhuman practices that are contrary to the most basic human rights and the so-called administrative detentions carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinian citizens and Palestinian women, through which the most basic human rights are violated. Any Palestinian citizen is detained arbitrarily without reliance on any Evidence that convicts the detainee, without charges with an indictment against him/her or without a fair trial, in a manner that also allows for a period of detention of one to six months, which can be renewed continuously and may reach several years under the plea of a secret file.

According to this law, the Israeli occupation authorities issued tens of thousands of administrative detention orders, which made the detention a mean of collective punishment. It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities are currently holding about 500 Palestinian administrative detainees, including two female prisoners in Damoun prison under risk of renewal to their detention orders at any time. This type of detention is illegal and arbitrary. According to the Rome Statute, this form of detention is considered a war crime. Article 8 (6) (2) of the Charter states that ” a war prisoners or any other person covered by the protection of his right to be tried in a fair and regular trial. ”

Since the international community has not yet taken any action against these arbitrary practices, which means that the Israeli occupation authorities continues to violate human rights in a world of silence, and since Palestinian women are also suffering from this form of detention,  based on our absolute belief in defense and maintenance Human rights, and based on our belief that human rights are indivisible and is the backbone and foundation of democracy, we declare our absolute rejection of this illegal detention and declare our stand alongside the administrative prisoners in general and the female Palestinian administrative prisoners in particular whom are being held at the Damon Prison in Haifa and are exposed to renewal of administrative detention at any time without legal justification.Therefore, we announce today the launch of the first campaign against administrative detention Which we allocate to demand the immediate release of female prisoners under administrative detention, we appeal to national, regional and international human rights organizations and all human rights activists to stand with us to end the administrative detention of Palestinian women and the for the immediate release of: 1-      Khalida Jarrar, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 55 years old , from Ramallah, was arrested on 2 July 2017. Israeli authorities issued a six-month administrative detention order against her and her administrative detention order was renewed three times to 20 months. Last decision Scheduled to end on 28-2-20192-      Fidaa Dames, 24 years old from Hebron, Student. Was arrested on 29th of May 2018 was sentenced to 95 days of imprisonment, On the day set for her release, she was issued an administrative detention order for six months and ending on 15-2-2019.
Based on the above, we call on the international community and all human rights organizations to stand with us to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities for: 1- The Immediate release of both detainees’ MP Khalida Jarrar and Fida Dames, and to refrain from any measures to renew or extend their current periods of detention.2-Abolish the administrative detention law against all Palestinians in general.3- We also call upon the international community to oblige the Israeli occupation to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law and to hold the occupation accountable for its continued violations against Palestinian females and male prisoners.   Together to end  administrative detentions Freedom for the prisoners of liberty MP Khaleda Jarrar and Fida Dames