CSW | Register for our WHRDs Facing Disasters in MENA Event | 16 March22

CSW | Register for our WHRDs Facing Disasters in MENA Event | 16 March22

WHRDs in MENA face compound challenges from both state and non-state actors. In the last 2 years, these were exacerbated by the economic disaster in Lebanon. Access to various services, including health services, has been impossible. This event will shed light on the advocacy and organizing efforts conducted by WHRDs from feminist, anti-racist, and queer movements in the face of these challenges and what actions and policies are needed to circumvent this disaster.

Our panelists will talk about organizing amidst a disaster, how WHRDs standing in different positions ( Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, and migrant workers) are organizing and responding to this, what are lessons learned, and why new ways of giving like mutual aids are proving to have more impact and closeness to our feminist politics.

Our panelists:

Ramy Shukr is a founding member of a local Queer Mutual Aid group that aims to provide community-based material support to mostly queer and trans people in Lebanon. They are also an anthropologist interested in transgender community and political economy and work at the Anti-Racism Movement. (@ramything – they/he/she) 


Salma Sakr (She/Her): An Egyptian Activist based in Beirut as the Advocacy Manager in the Anti-Racism Movement. Handles: Instagram @armlebanon Twitter: ARM_Leb

Sarah Kadoura, Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, content maker at Haki Naswi, a media platform that produces knowledge on Arab feminism

Moderated by Sara Ag, the @whrdmena RC, and a Palestinian feminist writer @sabughazal